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Orange County Regionals is the official Season Two 6-String Showdown video company, and we're proud to be part of it! The Orange County/Campus Jax edition kicked off season 2 of the biggest guitar event of the summer, and these 16 players showed up and showed DOWN! John Nevolo, Jason Needham, Ewen Williams, Mike Staggs, Randy Hano, Kirk Browne, Barry Allen Honig, Jack McCain, Oscar Rodriguez, Aron Wemmer, Austin Thomason, Matt Pickerell, Beano, Teddy Lee Hooker... Stay tuned for the next 6-String Showdown Season Two video coming soon. Shot/Produced/Edited/Published By: Casey Reagan For:

And then there were 8. Kirk Browne, Andrew Anderson, Jack McCain, John Nevolo, Austin Thomason, Ewen Williams, Michael Staggs, and Teddy Lee Hooker. Final Showdown up next! Cams/Edit: Casey Reagan For:

The final four: Austin Thomason, Kirk Browne, John Nevolo and Teddy Lee Hooker - 6 String Showdown 2019 Campus Jax Season Two Round Three. Cameras/Edit: Casey Reagan

Head to head, straight-up showDOWN! John Nevolo vs. Teddy Lee Hooker at Campus Jax in Newport Beach for season two of the 6 String Showdown Orange County edition 2019. Joes in Burbank is next on the list and if you don't have tickets already click to get 'em. Cameras/Edit: CJ Reagan For:


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