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New Blues Festival 6 String Showdown


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New Blues Festival


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6 string showdown


 6 String Showdown Season 2 begins Now!


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The 6 String Showdown is a blues guitar competition developed for musicians by musicians. The goals of this competition are threefold, the final result being the crowning of The Best Blues Guitarist in Southern California.


While the competition takes center stage, promoting the blues in all of its forms is also a primary goal. That is why the competition is structured so that all competitors must be well-versed in the various styles of the blues, as they won’t know which they will be called upon to play until they are actually on-stage. Blues content is more important than shredding. Want to get the best marks from the judges. Play the blues!


Maintaining transparency is a primary cornerstone of 6 String Showdown. Clear communication of the rules and impartial judging are critical to the integrity of the competition. Rules will be available online and read aloud prior to each 6SS event. Scoring with be judged accordingly: skill 1/3, showmanship 1/3, audience response 1/3.